An envious outlet of love and frustration.
    Under the bridge downtown, is where i drew some blood. Under the bridge downtown, i could not get enough. Under the bridge downtown, i forgot about my love. Under the bridge downtown, i gave my life away.
Save the population
My beautiful best friend, ashlee, and I looking good. Well, shes looking good. 
I love you. I love you so much.
I found this insanely cool moth on top of a mountain, now controlled by the gas companies in central pa.
Me, taken by my sexy baby, ashlee blum
The new cheetos. Sex sells.
Im sorry Max Wilhelm, but i stole your photo, cropped it a bit, and added a little effect. Dont be mad.  I give credit where credit is needed.  So everyone, Max Wilhelm (46thandbliss) was the photographer of this picture!